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  1. look in the articles section of this site and you can learn some stuff there also if money isent a problem i would strongly recommend going to radioshack and buying there electronics learning lab it is black with a breadbord (has lots of lettle holes) and has springy things to hook some components up it has books that start from the absolute basic like lighting a led and work up to making complex digital circurity i have learbed tons from that and then once you start getting to the end of the basic book and don't want to hit digital yet you can buy your own components and make your own circuits and stuff but that has tons of fun projects and it comes with ALL the parts needed for the projects but that is a verry good thing to buy just the fact that is has allthose components and a breadbord is good i think it is a good deal i god it for my birthday years ago (they still sell it ) and i kind of forgot about it and then i started getting into electronics again and then when i reabered about it the it was like the door to the world of electronics just opened up and i learned lots of things that i saw people taliking about on this bord and i realised how basic it was when you understood it and that is just what that kit helpes you do plus you can just build those circutis and have hours of fun sorry for my rambling and hope you can understand this with my bad grammer :(
  2. WOW they have other awsome stuff there too
  3. yes that is what i have and yes i do believe your doing it correctly i figured that that must be about the only way and my theroy was proved correct by you and japroach and i found that that kind of board would only be good for projects that you arnt trying to test as all your jumpers would keep allling out but for projects that are proven to work with out moding it and that are simple it is fine thanks
  4. sorry for double post but i realised mabe that kind of transistor won't work with this project it was a 2n5014 or somthig i'll get a new one that will work some time when i go to the store
  5. i guess it must be a bad transistor:(
  6. well the baterys are a 4 case with one of the batterys replaced with a wire to have a 3 cell case and the transistor should be good hmm wait i think i rember what i did never mind i think i made a mistake i'll post if it works when i correct the mistake :p
  7. ok i got info on my transistor and soldered it in i hooked up the pot and it workes ether way it just reverses like you have to turn it left with it hooked up one way and turn it right hooked up the otherway but i checked ind i can't find any shorts i thinght that would be the problem it dosent work i can't get it to drop below .6 millamps and then if i put the electrodes on and have sombody lie or somthing it dosent change even if i touch the electrodes toghter without a person so i don't know i bad cap wouldent be the problem a reversed or bad cap and it wouldent be a problem eith the transistor would it or is there probably a short and i just can't find it sorry for asking so many questions most of you guys could build this in like 1 day with parts from your junk box but i guess i'd never learn and be able to help other people later if i never got help
  8. ya but my problem is i don't know what my transistor is :p
  9. well mine isent a pnp i'm almost positive but mabe i will pick one up from the shack monday but i don't know what to look up on google anyway
  10. ok i thought i had a parrt that i didn'y so i had to use a different transistor and i'm not sure how to tell if it is pnp(i doubt it is ) and what its EBC are because i saw how different transistors have different EBC so i need more help again
  11. ok i'll try that thanks
  12. ok i think i could be alot less of a nucence if i could learn basic things like how to read schimatics good i can't figure out from my charts and tables how to read what pin of a transistor is EBR etc it just has the symbol but that isent a huge deal i tink i know how to figure it out now that i think of it but the pot is still giving me a hard time i'll post a pic because i still don't know what to do i'm just using aligator clips so i can change the middle pin if he knob was pointing towards you the pin on the left above the one without the color was the one that was NOT marked with the squggle line and the other pin with color was conected to the squggily line how is the best way to try
  13. ok thnaks to this is what it looks like ------------ | [] [] | | | | [] | | | ------------ and try it with this atone end you mean at the end where it has the scigily resistor sign and the other thn where there is the dot try the middle wire? right and try it in bolth places right? thanks
  14. any body good with pots?
  15. i have no clue except for one mabe there is an error with the program and it corrupts the files and never saves them right try reinstalling
  16. I Just noticed that i'm a Jr. Member now yay i'm not a N00B Any More ;D ;D ;D :) :) :)(hehe) And what are the post count requirements for each level
  17. you know what i'm so dumb i don't know like anything :( so sorry for asking so many questions and not being alot of help :-[ any way how do i do the pot in the circuit i don't know what pins to conect where and stuff please help me and an audio taper pot won't matter will it ? i have a 5k audio pot will that work thanks
  18. ok thanks but for the project i started i'll have to find a way yse a perf bord just have tons of holes and a little coper "O" around the ring
  19. ok i'll try to hold my breath but i can't afford a temp controlled iron :(
  20. how do you draw the traces and stuff like conect the wores together when there are no traces do you just solder small pieces of wire to the same joint or do you somehow draw it with solder? i can't conect things together very good
  21. Hello When i solder i have a herd time keeping away from the fumes and i don't have an effective ventlated space also what do you guys (and girls ) do to keep fumes away besides using a special fume sucker because i can't aford a thing like that i have tryed a fan blowing the fumes away towards the general direction of an ionic breese small bathroom filter and that works better that nothing but it dosent work well and i still get a head ache :'( >:( >:( sorry for bad gramar and spelling but i got to do some homework and i have to hurry so i don't have time to check and improve my gramar before i post :P
  22. the clock is right on woth my computer clock did you fix it ? :-\ oh and it isent realy a easy thing to romove that it can ruin the forum if you do somthing wrong and that would not be fun to fix but yes it is posible
  23. i get a long list of errors with spellchecker too Notice: Undefined index: xsize in /home/httpd/vhosts/electronics-lab.com/httpdocs/advertising/phpadmentor_config.php on line 224 Notice: Undefined index: ysize in /home/httpd/vhosts/electronics-lab.com/httpdocs/advertising/phpadmentor_config.php on line 224 Notice: Undefined variable: xsizestring in /home/httpd/vhosts/electronics-lab.com/httpdocs/advertising/phpadmentor_config.php on line 110 Notice: Undefined variable: ysizestring in /home/httpd/vhosts/electronics-lab.com/httpdocs/advertising/phpadmentor_config.php on line 110 Notice: Undefined index: xsize in /home/httpd/vhosts/electronics-lab.com/httpdocs/advertising/phpadmentor_config.php on line 224 Notice: Undefined index: ysize in /home/httpd/vhosts/electronics-lab.com/httpdocs/advertising/phpadmentor_config.php on line 224 Notice: Undefined variable: xsizestring in /home/httpd/vhosts/electronics-lab.com/httpdocs/advertising/phpadmentor_config.php on line 110 Notice: Undefined variable: ysizestring in /home/httpd/vhosts/electronics-lab.com/httpdocs/advertising/phpadmentor_config.php on line 110 i reconise them as php parse errors so i think there is a bug with the spellchecker code :( actually they arnt parse errors or they would say so but they are notices (go figure they say notice not parse error ) i just didn't look close
  24. I agree this server is lots of times slow or down but when it works it is great i hope we won't have to move servers again that can ba a pain :'(
  25. favorit php (thats y i put other) and darkbasic decided to put other tho
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