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  1. thanks MP. That's what I thought but I was hoping there was some way to tell where the current pot was set when I turned the supply on. I guess I should just print a sticker that says Turn me down before you turn me on for the front of the supply. ;D Thanks for the info.
  2. I am currently gathering the parts to make the Variable DC Power Supply project. I want to include a volt meter and a current meter. I understand how to connect the ammeter but as I understand it the meter will not read anything until a load is applied to the power supply. This could spell trouble if the pot is set for 2 amps and the circut can only tolerate 1 for example. So is there a way to tell what the pot is set for without connecting a project to the supply? Some additional circuitry maybe? Or should I just settle for turning the current pot all the way down, hook the project up, and bring the current back up?
  3. :-[ What are the screw terminals on the front of bench power supplies acutally called and does anyone know of parts dealer online that sells them? thanks in advance :-[
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