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  1. Remember the old 150L Zapco Amps?
    They had a seperate PWM in a seperate case.
    Those Amps sounded Great.
    And Guess what?
    They didn't use Mosfets.
    Why did they stop building Amplifiers out of Discrete Transistirs anyways?
    I just don't get it.
    Everyone claims that Mosfet is better than Bipolar.
    Yea, take a static sesitive device and stick it into a power supply that has stray electro-magnetic fields all around and expect it to work better than something that doesn't need a Static wrist band to replace.
    How can it be better if just a touch can fry it in a second?

  2. Yes You could use a remote starter for a car. You can get one at most Auto Parts stores. The 12v to operate the reciever can be tapped from the Computers Power supply. The remote will control 3 things in a car and the relays are already built into the Control Box. The controls open the door locks and lock the doors. Open the trunk and lock the trunk and Finally Start the engine in the car.

    Are those enough controls for you?

  3. I use to sell these Amplifiers at the Flea-markets. It is a subject I hav had many conversations about.
    I saw this tiny Equalizer with 400 watts printed on the case.
    This thing was only about 1 inch thick and it weighed about 16 ounces.
    No way could this thing put out 400 watts. Just for fun I bought it for about $10.
    I took it home and opened it up. I looked up the audio output IC's inside and Guess what?
    Each IC was 20 watts Peak Power.
    I thought to myself How did they arrive at the 400 Watt Rating Printed on the case?
    Then the answer hit me!
    20 watts + 20 watts = 40 Watts x 10 bands on the Equalizer = 400 watts.
    They were wrong of coarse but that is how the CHEEP GUYS do things.
    The only way to find out what an Amp really puts out is to look up the parts in the power supply and output also see what size wire and fuses the manufacture uses.
    Take the fuse size and use Ohms Law to figure out the rating Watts Used Ect.
    Example 12vdc x 20 amps = 240 watts Peak Power Max.
    240 watts/ 2 channels = 120 watts Peak Power Per Channel.
    120 / 2 = 60 watts per channel Approximate.

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