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  1. Can you combine posts that are simular in nature? How can we narrow this down? Can we maybe create a seperate section for Power supplies and DC DC Converters and Inverters for open discussion? There seams to be alot of Interest in all of these areas.
    Also we need an area where Administrators and Moderators can talk privately or have an area where we can send private messages to each other.

  2. The problem with this design is Current handling capability.
    The project you are looking at is only about 5 amps and a 100 watt Amplifier needs about 20 amps. You should make sure the transformer is 20 amps or better and use about 8 of the 2N3055 transistors 4 and 4 hooking three in parallel with each original.
    Also see my post on the subject.


  3. Sequential Flasher
    Here is a simple circuit for sequentially flashing Christmas light strings or other similar low-power lamps. The socket symbols may be single bulbs or sockets for lamp strings. The load must be capable of operating from DC since the SCRs rectify the line voltage. The SCRs must be sensitive-gate types and must be able to handle the load current and line voltage. The 1uF capacitors are non-polar film types. A fuse is indicated and a GFI type of outlet is recommended.
    Warning: This circuit should be constructed only by persons with the qualifications to work on and design high voltage circuitry. Necessary safety considerations are not indicated. All parts of the circuit should be considered "hot".

    The circuit may be extended by repeating the pattern with the last neon lamp connecting back to the first through a capacitor. Although a quick breadboard was tested, this circuit is "experimental" and may require some tweaking for best performance. The flashing speed may be controlled by connecting a 100k ohm (or larger) potentiometer across the 10 uF capacitor and connecting the 1 meg resistors to the wiper. Make sure that the shaft is an insulated type. The 1 meg resistors may be lowered in value for faster flashing.


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