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  1. Hi,

    I'm new to the forum and also looking for the revised printout of the PCB. Can someone please post a link to this.


    if you are unable to find the pcb you will be unable to make it also, use search read at least 20 last pages then you will now what issues can ocure in making progress

  2. When the output is shorted or set to a low voltage then at 10A the heating is 40V x 10A= 400W!
    You will need many output transistors on huge heatsinks and a fan.
    You must parallel a few driver transistors, each with an emitter resistor and a huge heatsink.
    The opamp U2 might not be able to provide enough current to the driver transistors and the opamp might over-heat.

    thanks audioguru i will try first without any modifiation, then it will be easyer to upgrade :D
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