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  1. While you start designing your PCB, it’s a good idea to make a schematic of your circuit. The schematic will serve as a blueprint for laying out the traces and placing the components on the PCB. For a Beginner in PCB Designing, Start with Simple & user friendly software like Eagle, Proteus etc. The PCB editing software can import all of the components, footprints, and wires into the PCB file, which will make the design process easier. If you are good in circuit reading & drawing, you can easily make schematics in the PCB, through which you can create net-list & make layouts for the circuits.

  2. There are different types of ICs are available in market today. For replacing the ICs you should have to change the old electronic components from ICs like capacitor, resistor, transistors, diodes etc. Don’t feel worry about purchasing new electronic components from online electronic portals like soldertools.net.

  3. The barcode scanners consist of an internal decoder and a cable, which are connected to the computer through compatible ports. It consists of a light source, a lens and a photo conductor translating optical impulses into electrical ones. The sensor of the barcode scanner detects the reflected light from the illumination system and generates an analog signal with varying voltage which represent the intensity or lack of intensity of the reflection. The converter changes the analog signal to digital signal which is fed to the decoder.


    Hello, everyone!

    I am from Rolling Meadows, Illinois. Can anyone tell me about BGA rework Process and the material required for that? Also, please suggest me best training institute nearby Illinois where I can learn BGA rework practically.

    I welcome all your answers.

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