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  1. Hello CPW!

    Its not really that complicated

    My words: Its tooooooo complicated  ;D

    decided I would put IR emmitters on the car and have IR receivers located around the driveway that would measure the strength of the IR signal, and calculate the position based on that using trilateration.

    CPW have you considered this idea!

    If you can go with RF then use the directional antennas in trilateral configuration. The antennas should receive signal from the car and each should try to track it. Hence from the angle positions of the three you can find the distance/position.
  2. Salam Fasih

    How are you!

    It seems you have 1to4 mx. I don't know what is your exact need as you havn't told one. Where you are using it.

    However a 2 bit binary counter connected to select inputs should work. counter have to have a pulse from 555. Flip flops can also be configured as counters.

    Also I told you about CD4017 which has built in counter+mux.


  3. Hi Logon!

    Good to hear about Staigen's good health.

    i have already made a reservation at the next available flight to sweden! now i have to cancel it

    ? i'd love to try it, but an international call would cost lotsa $$$ which i dnt have

    Logan do you enjoy dollar free flights then? ??? :D :D

  4. Hello nutty boy!

    Here goes an experiment to measure max output current.
    1. Measure o/p voltage or trafo as V1.
    2. Put a high wattage low value variable resistance (better use  Rheostat) with max resistance.

    3. Decrease load resistence untill you get half of V1 (i.e. V1/2)

    4. Take rheostat/load out from circuit and measure its resistance, R1

    5. V1/R1 is the max current u can have from this trafo.


  5. I am much annoyed with the search icon here. I think it better to have none. 

    As I failed ever to find an article with search I had to put it here
    You might prove it by typing in search "The Robot Builder's Bonanza" which is in Elect Resources >> Electronic related E-Books.
    You will get "No results found".

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