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  1. Hello Xenobius!

    I can remember something about the transformer properties.  IT says

    To change the voltage level

    v1= (n1 / n2 )*v2

    v1=secondary volts
    v2=primary volts
    n1=secondary  turns
    n2=primary turns

    similarly it transfers impedence to the other side by!

    Z1 = Z2 * (n1 / n2)^2
    Z2 = actual impedence at one end
    Z1 = Effective transffered resistence at other end.

    and u can variation in Z1 with either changing (n1/n2) or Z2
    For fixed Z2, using a transformer with taps can help change turn ratio.

    An auto transformer can be used for the purpose. ( I have one in my REGULATOR with lot of taps and capable of voltage change upto 50%)

  2. Welcome Sendebad!

    Active filters are used almost in every analog design.
    For example audio amlifiers, data converter (A to D and D to A) interfacing circuits, sample and hold circuit, oscilators and so on....

    You should refer any OP-AMP Applications book and it discusses a lot of applications.  Also any data sheet and application of a certaian IC will help a lot ( u can c for LM741)

    This book can be helpfull to u (Operational_Amplifiers.rar) at

  3. Whenever I press download button It does nothing.
    A page opens to upload some file.  Perhaps I have to first upload and then dnload ;)
    Anyhow the site seems annoying.  Can this site provide a shared password to over form?
    Hain Ante?

  4. Too bad, no book and no moderator for the “Theory articles” column!

    Don't worry! I put my services to be the moderator.  Just tell me what a moderator does.  Perhaps, entice newbies for a tempting title and then flee away! :D
  5. I had the same problem last days but I thought that my favourite site has got an entry in the black list of my ISP ;D ;D.  (as most of those fool sites do).  But I am satisfied now that it was not the case. I suspect logan_dslasher's picture can cause problems for me any time that way too! 

    Logan I would ask u to change that sign pic of yours

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