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  1. O.K. I can c my misunderstandings.  T1 is Common collector config I Think.  Then what is the thing which stops output of T1 again becoming I/P to the IC1.  Why current o/p at emitter won't produce voltage at VR1 and hence feed back internally???

    Audioguru I was thinking of a circuit to have intercom with high mic sensitivity & Loud Speakers,  to interconnect two parts of my house.  Is it possible?

  2. YOU can have a very cheap power supply from TI's  Isolated DC/DC Converter IC's Series.  One such chip is

    PT4310 Series —48V 6-W Low-Profile Dual-Output Isolated DC/DC Converter

    Its main features include
    • Dual Complimentary Outputs
    • Wide Input Voltage: 38 V to 75 V
    • 1,500 VDC Isolation
    • 9 Pin DIP Package
    • No External Components Required

    As TI people are very generous in distributing there samples, so u can have a sophisticated lab Power Supply with almost no effort.

    Regards :) :) :)

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