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  1. yes i check that also. but i am working with pic controller. its totally different.
  2. Hi, I am having TDA7418 Audio Processor connected with PIC18F(scl and sda) . I am very new to this. Can anyone help me to tell how to configure and test TDA7418. ? anyone have source code for TDA7418.? Please share more details about it thank you
  3. scl and Sda pins are connected to pic controller
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    unsigned short PortP0 ; unsigned short PortP1 ; void main(){ { I2C1_Init(100000); //100 KHz // join i2c bus } while(1) { I2C_Start(); I2c_Write(0x43); //Read Address PortP0 = I2C_Read(0); PortP1 = I2C_Read(0); I2C_Stop(); if(PortP0 == 0b11100001) //Making Bit 0 high { I2C_Write(0x42);//Setting the Slave Address for PCF8575. Write Address I2C_Write(0b11100000);// first 8bits I2C_Write(0b11111110);// Turn on led on Bit0 } } } Hi all, I am trying to control switches in PCF8575 through I2C,
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