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  1. But even if we disable debug, it will call print method and do not print anything. I mean we should make it something like #ifdef DEBUG Serial.print("\n debug controlled print"); #endif Here when we disable macro, its like code is not written for compiler, code will be removed in macro processing itself.
  2. As shown in image, Q1) Is it possible to broadcast message from Lora Node S to all Lora Nodes A,B,C, D and E? Q2) Can Loara Node S be programmed to act as server to receive data from all other nodes? Each of Lora Node has sensor whose data will be sent to Lora Node S, then Lora Node S process data from Arduino and send back command to all Nodes to operate relay. I want design small system without Lora Gateway and it will work offline, Lora Node S control all other Nodes and also Receive Data from them.
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