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  1. On 6/19/2022 at 9:59 PM, HarryA said:

    I am confused with the two SIDACs (Silicon Diode for Alternating Current) in series. They are rated 220-250 volts switching each. 240 mains voltages would be in the order of 340*1,4 or 480 volts  peak. About the same as the two SIDACs; not much to switch with?

    "These tasks of the starter are taken over by two 135 V sidac (or a single 270 V one). The starting voltage is thus 270 V, Which is below the peak value of the mains (about 340 V), but higher than the working voltage of a 20-40 W neon tube." 

    see: https://circuit-diagramz.com/sidac-neon-tube-starter/

    I will look at the circuit some more.

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