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Found 2 results

  1. In electronics, a non-inverting amplifier is an op-amp circuit configuration which produces an amplified output signal. Its output signal is in-phase with the input signal applied. And non-inverting amplifier always behave like a voltage follower circuit. There is less info anout non-inverting amplifiers and inverting amplifiers when searching the internet, so I hope to get more info about them from different aspects. Many thanks Non-Inverting Amplifier and Inverting Amplifier.docx
  2. Hi, I have a very old Amplifier (Stereo) powered by two LA4058 IC's as per the spec - it says it is a 100W Amp - has a circuit more or less like this http://fixmag.ru/download/1259351172_sp-011.pdfRefer Page number 5 for the circuitbut the difference in my circuit is that - it uses the same circuit twice meaning - I have the similar circuit with two LA4058 IC's Guess the POWER AMP with each IC is to power Right and Left channel's ---------> not sure - The power source is 13.6V AC transformer - Connects a 4 ohms speaker and 4 ohms tweeter - I use it for my guitar ( connected via a processor). Issue: Every thing was working well as desired - issue popped up after I decided to move the amp complete unit to a speaker box(like one unit where it will have Speaker and amp in same speaker box) - like a guitar amplifier setup.- When I connect the speaker to the Right channel - all I hear a distortion buzz.. ( increases when I increase the volume ) - when I connect the Speaker to the left Channel - I get a duh duh duh sound ( Think that is distortion but with lesser strength) ( increases when I increase the volume ) Trouble shooting done: 1. Checked for the earthing or common for the Transformer and power amp and wiring connections 2. When I disconnect my Pre amp from Power Amp. I get no sound from the speaker - unsure if the speaker getting the signal but When I power ON.. I dont hear or feel the Speaker cone move.. - Unsure if I can connect the CD player or guitar directly to the Power Amp to check the problem is with power Amp or Preamp. Also the LED for Both channels does not glow - Unsure why the noise is coming - basically the setup is not working Please help.. Sam
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