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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, all I have built new crossovers for my Thiels using mostly Clarity CSA caps. On the coax board, the two feeds and subfeed are bypassed with Multicap RTX (~1%). I am super happy with the SQ improvement. Well-recorded music sounds fantastic, just sublime. Really hard to fault, especially at this price point. Excellent transients with resolution and transparency for days; adding the RTX added a bit to the transients and resolution. But poorly recorded music is now more evident than ever and can sound relatively "cool", even thin, most notably on vocals. I’m wondering if a double bypass or different bypass cap might add a bit more flesh or hint of warmth. The Jupiter copper foil at 0.01 uF caught my interest but I’ve read reports that this small of capacitance can be inaudible, as well as reports that it can make a big difference (eg, humblehomemadehifi review of Dueland bypass). Questions: a) do you think a different bypass or double bypass would result in the sound I seek? b) if yes, more likely to get a good result with Jupiter double bypass at 0.01 uF or, say, Audyn True Copper Max at ~1%. Is there anyone have ideas of it? Many thanks.
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