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Found 2 results

  1. CL220 is a high voltage, temperature-compensated, 20mA constant current regulator. The device operates at up to 220V, and is accurate to ±10% over a 5 - 160V range. The device can be used as a two-terminal, constant-current source or a constant-current sink. CL220 Features • 5.0 to 220V operating range (VA-B) • 20mA ±10% at 5.0 - 160V • 0.01% / °C typical temperature coefficient • Packages Types: - TO-252 (D-PAK) • Can be paralleled for higher current
  2. Tenco Technology-Electronic Components Importer.We have professional electronic material engineer to provide technical support.To provide electronic components supporting services for electronic manufacturer,including electronic components,wire and cable,plugin/SMD LED,capacitance,resistance ect.Service customers from all over the world.Customers in need can consult.Service mail:[email protected]:jace wei.tenco.Website:http://www.tenco-tech.com?lt
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