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  1. AX200NGW/IPQ6010/IPQ6018/IPQ6000/IPQ8072/IPQ5018/IPQ8074/IPQ8072A/IPQ4029/IPQ4019 Support OpenWRT, Support:QUECTEL RM500Q-GL&Support:QCN9074 WiFi 6E Card Support OpenWRT IPQ6010 802.11ax 2x2 2.4G&5G 2.5Gbps Ethernet Port Qualcomm-Atheros IPQ6010 Quad-core ARM 64bit A53 @1.8GHz Processor 1GB DDRL3L System Memory 32MB NOR Flash, 256MB NAND Flash Supports Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) 2x2 On-board 2.4GHz radio, up to 573Mbps physical Data Rate 2x2 On-board 5GHz radio, up to 1201Mbps physical Data Rate Support: QUECTEL RM500Q-GL Support: QCN9074 WiFi 6E Card Symbol Parameter CPU Qualcomm-Atheros IPQ6010 CPU Frequency Quad-core ARM 64 bit A53 @1.8 GHz processor System Memory 1GB (2x 512MB) DDR3L 16-bit interface with 32-bit memory bus design Ethernet Port 1 x 1Gbps Ethernet Ports & POE3 x 1Gbps Ethernet Ports , 1x 2.5Gbps Ethernet Port NGFF Slot M.2 (NGFF) “E Key” Socket with MiniPCIe 3.0 SD Card Slot 1x SD Card Slot USB /header 1x USB 2.0 Port POE 24V~48V passive POE/Active POE(Suport 802.3bt) DC Jack 24V power supply LED header FFC/FPC Connector Serial Port 1x Serial Port 4 Pin Connector Wireless On-board 2x2 2.4GHz MU-MIMO OFDMA 802.11b/802.11g/802.11n/802.11ax, max 23dBm per chain On-board 2x2 5GHz MU-MIMO OFDMA 802.11a/n/ac/ax, max 20dBm per chain 4 x MMCX Connectors Bluetooth optional Nor Flash 8-32MB(normally is 8MB) Nand Flash 256MB DDR 1GB Dimension 185mm x 116mm
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