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Need help!

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Hi all,

I'm studying in the UK for my final year of a degree in 3D Design (essentially product design) - and for one of my current projects I'm hoping to put together a small electronic product but I have little/no knowledge of electronics!

I'm trying to put together a simple circuit which does the following - I need a thermometer (probably with a screen display) which when the temperature reaches certain points it changes the colour of a tri-colour LED - or it switches between three different colour LED's - basically to give a coloured visualisation of the temperature change.

Any help would be gratefully recieved,

Thanks in advance,

James Lawley

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take a thermistor plug it into voltage divider. output of this divider will vary with temperature
then take IC LM339(4 voltage comparators. You can find datasheet in national.com) use second divider to generate reference voltages(4 resistors in series with apropriate values) and pluge these voltages to negative inputs of comparators
pluge all positive inputs to first divider
plug leds to outputs of comparators

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