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Transferring artwork on to a PCB

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Hi guys!

well! im trying to make a PCB at home. THe first process that i came across is how to transfer my artowork onto the PCB. I have got a simple Copper plated board with me (no photo resist present) . Now i want to use the transparency method. I have got an HP DEskjet 3920 printer. I printed my artwork on a transparency's smooth side. THen place that printed side on my PCB and then put my iron on the top (rough) side of the transparency. But nothing happens. What might be the reason of this??

Is this is because, im printing my artwork from an INkjet printer rather than a Laser printer. Does printing with a laser printer makes any difference?

DO u guys know any other method of transferring the artwork on to the PCB??
Please remember that i donot want to use the Photosensitive method.

I shall be looking forward for ur replies.

Take carez!

Good Bye!

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thanks MP for ur help!

but what about that magazine paper method ??

If i use a magazine paper for this purpose, then can i use an Inkjet printer or even in this case a laser will work only?

Someone in that Magazine paper topic has posted that the output of a photocopier works as well. SO if i dont have a laser printer with me , can i go with a photocopy of my image on a magazine paper? will it work then??

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Hello Friend :)

First of all , your Inkjet/dotmatrix Printer cannot be used to make PCBs, bCoz of the resolution issues.(the characters are formed by minute dots of soluble ink)  :(

secondly you cannot  use the photocopier method if you are using inkjet printout, bcoz the Copier doesnot improve the resolution of the Master copy (inkjet printout) >:(

heres the answer, prepare your Artwork in PDF or Word Format and take it to a

nearby Laserprinter Shop and get a minimum 600dpi res. print on MATT finish

Coated INKJET paper (not the Thick paper, it should be two colored, i.e one side

half white and other side bright white). ;)

Some laserprinters have PIN Holes problem, which your can overcome if your art

work is designed in fine resolution. ::)

once you have your Artwork on the paper, you know how to iron it on! 8)



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The photo copier mention was using a laser copier and not the inkjet types that have recently become popular. The toner has to melt to the board. The magazine paper keeps the laser toner from adhering to the paper so that it can easily stick to your board. Inkjets are great if you want to use a transparency and use the photo etch method.


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Placing a sheet of PnP (blue) into a copying machine and using your artwork on the top plate will work but the end result will be a 2nd generation output.
Since the process above must be performed in 2 steps, the internal copier generates an image then the image is fused to the PnP.

Printing your artwork from file to PnP using your computer is a much better procedure.

I have used both methods and believe the PnP bond to copper is more pronounced using a laser printer.
The Hp B&W line have been verified by Techniks.

Remember, PnP does require some experimenting and the better equipment you have will produce an overall more pleasing result.
Example: a small PCB where the typical household iron will completely cover the copper clad board will allow a good transfer since you are holding/pressing the iron firmly overtop of the board.
However, if your board extends beyond the bottom of the iron (heat surface) you are forced to move the iron back and forth over the board, the result can easily cause the transfer film to flex causing a track to smear.
The above can be corrected by using a larger surface iron that will cover the board or a heat press.
The less horizontal movement required will produce a more defined PCB.

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