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Anyone wants solution manual and e-books


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All Subjects' solutions manuals in Pdf format

All solutions manuals are in pdf format or Microsoft Word format.

I have tried my best to put up with the collections of my solutions manual.
Here is the list that only part of my collections:
I will put some time to make up the full list daily.
If you cant find the solution manual listed below, don't give up, feel free to email me

To get the solutions manual, just email me with a price you want to get the solutions manual you want.
To see samples, just email me.

My email is edisonee(at)gmail.com

.NET 2.0 Interoperability Recipes by Bruce Bukovics
A Course in Game Theory by Martin J. Osborne and Ariel Rubinstein
A First Course In Probability 7th Ed by Sheldon Ross
Adaptive Control 2nd Ed. by Karl.J.Astrom
Advanced Engineering Marhematics ERWIN KREYSZIG 9E
Advanced Engineering Mathematics 8Ed Erwin Kreyszig
Advanced Engineering Mathematics 8Ed Erwin Kreyszig in korean (all even and odd no.)
Advanced Macroeconomics by Jeffery Rohaly
Advanced Modern Engineering Mathematics 3rd Ed. by Glyn James
An Introduction to Database Systems 8th Ed. by C J Date
Analog Integrated Circuit Design by David Johns, Ken Martin
Analysis and Design of Analog Intergrated Circuits 4th Ed. by Paul R. Gray
Analytical Mechanics 7th Ed. by Fowles
Antenna for all application 3rd Ed.by John D. Kraus (Instructor's Manual)
Antenna Theory 2nd Ed. by balanis
Applied Linear Statistical Models 5th Ed. by MichaelH.Kutner
Applied Numerical Analysis 7th Ed. by Curtis F. Gerald, Patrick O. Wheatley
Applied Numerical Methods with Matlab for Engineers and Scientists by Chapra
Applied Statistics Probability for Engineers 3rd ed Montogomery (selected problems)
Applied Strength of Materials 4th Ed. by Robert L. Mott
Automatic Control Systems 8th Ed. Kuo and Golnaraghi
Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis 7th Ed. by Irwin
Biochemistry 2nd Ed. by Philip W. Kuchel, Gregory B. Rakston
Bioprocess Engineering Principles by Pauline M. Doran
C++ How to Program 3rd ed. Deitel, Deitel & Nieto (Instructor's Manual)
Calculus 4th Ed. by James Stewart (Complete Instructors manual)
Calculus 5th Ed. by James Stewart (Complete Instructors Solutions)
Calculus by Jerrold Marsden & Alan Weinstein Vol 1
Calculus Early Transcendentals 5th Ed. by James Stewart
Chemical And Engineering Thermodynamics 3Ed by Wiley
Chemical Engineering Solutions to the Problems in Volume 1 by J R Backhurst
Classical Dynamics 5th Ed. by Thornton
Classical Electrodynamics 3rd Ed. by J.D. Jackon
CMOS Analog Circuit Design 2nd Ed. by P.E. Allen
Communication Systems 4th Ed. by Simon Haykin
Communication Systems Engineering 2nd Ed. by Proakis J.
Communication Systems: An Introduction to Signals and Noise in Electrical Communication 4th. Ed. by Bruce Carlson
Computational Techniques for Fluid Dynamics by K. Srinivas and C.A.J.Fletcher
Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach Featuring the Internet 2nd ed. by Jim Kurose and Keith Ross
Computer Networks 4th Ed. by Andrew.S.Tanenbaum
Computer Networks: A Systems Approach 3rd Ed. by larry L. Peterson and Bruce S. Davie
Computer Organization And Design - The Hardware Software Interface 3rd Ed.
Computer Systems Organization and Architecture by John D. Carpinell
Control Systems Engineering 3rd Ed. by Norman S. Nise
Control Systems Engineering by Nise
Design and Analysis of Experiments 6th Ed. by Montgomery
Design Of Analog Cmos Integrated Circuits by Razavi
Design with Operational Amplifiers and Analog Integrated Circuits 3rd Ed. by Franco, Sergio
Device Electronics for Integrated Circuits 3rd Ed. by Muller and Kamins
Differential Equations with Boundary-Value Problems 5th Ed. by Zill and Cullen
Digital communication: Fundamentals and Applications 2nd Ed. by Bernard Sklar
Digital communications 4th Ed. John Proakis with ebook
Digital Image Processing 2nd Ed. by Gonzalez (Instructor's Manual)
Digital Integrated Circuits by Rabaey 2nd Ed. (selected problems)
Digital signal processing A Computer-Based Approach 1st Ed. by Sanjit K. Mitra
Digital Signal Processing by Thomas J. Cavicchi
Digital Signal Processing: Principles, Algorithms, and Applications, 3rd Ed. by Proakis & Manolakis
Distributed Systems Principles and Paradigms by Andrew S. Tanenbaum and Maarten Van Steen
Discrete-Time Signal Processing 2nd Ed. by Oppenheim, R.W. Schafer and J. R. Buck
Econometric Analysis 5th Ed. by William H. Greene
Econometric Analysis of Cross Section and Panel Data by Jeffrey M. Wooldridge
Electric Circuits 7th Ed. by Nilsson
Electric Machinery 6th Ed. by Fitzgerald, Kingsley, Uman
Electric Machinery and Power System Fundamentals 1st Ed. by Stephen J. Chapman (Instructor's Manual)
Electric Machinery Fundamentals 4th Ed. by Stephen J Chapma (Instructor's_Manual)
Electrical Engineering Principles And Applications 4th Edition by Giorgio Rizzoni
Electrical Engineering Principles And Applications by Hambley
Electronic Circuit Analysis and Design 2nd Ed. by Donald A. Neamen
Electronic Physics by Strabman
Electronics 2nd Ed. by Allan R. Hambley
Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value problems 7th Ed. by Boyce, DiPrima (book and solutions)
Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems 8th Ed.
Elementary Linear Algebra by K. R. Matthews (book and solution manuals)
Elementary Mechanics and Thermodynamics by John W. Norbury
Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering 3rd Ed. by Timothy Hubbard, Jessica hamman and David Johnson
Element of Electromagnetic by Sadiku
Elements of Information Theory by Thomas M. Cover
Engineering Biomechanics: Statics by Angela Matos, Eladio Pereira, Juan Uribe and Elisandra Valentin
Engineering Circuit Analysis 6th Ed. by Hayt
Engineering Electromagnetics 6th Ed. by William H. Hayt, Jr. and Hohn A. Buck
Engineering Fluid Mechanics 7th Ed. by Crowe
Engineering Mathematics 4th Ed. by John Bird
Engineering Mechanics Dynamics 10th edition by Hibbeler
Engineering Mechanics Dynamics 11th edition by Hibbeler
Engineering Mechanics Dynamics 5th Ed. by Meriam
Engineering Mechanics Dynamics by Bedford and Fowler
Engineering Mechanics statics 10th edition by Hibbeler
Engineering Mechanics statics 11th edition by Hibbeler
Engineering Mechanics Statics 4th Ed. Bedford
Engineering Mechanics Statics by Meriam
Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems 4th Ed. by G. F. Franklin, J. D. Powell, A. Emami
Fluid mechanics 5th Ed. by White
Fundamentals of Aerodynamics 2nd Ed. by John D. Anderson
Fundamentals Of Aerodynamics 3rd Ed. by Anderson (Instructor's Solutions Manual)
Fundamentals of Applied Electromagenetics  5th Ed+
Fundamentals of Differential Equations by Nagle Saff Snider
Fundamentals of Digital Logic with Verilog Design 1st Ed. by S. Brown, Z. Vranesic
Fundamentals of Digital Logic with VHDL Design 1st Ed. by S. Brown, Z. Vranesic
Fundamentals of Electric Circuits 2nd Ed. by C.K.Alexander M.N.O.Sadiku
Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics 5th ed (M. J. Moran & H. N. Shapiro)
Fundamentals of Financial Management With Infotrac Concise 4th Ed. by Eugene Brigham
Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics 3th Ed. by Munson (Student solution manual)
Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics 4th Ed. by Munson
Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics 5th Ed. by Munson
Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer 5th Ed. Incropera
Fundamentals of Logic Design 5th Ed. by  Charles Roth
Fundamentals of Machine Component Design 3rd Ed. by Juvinall and Marshek
Fundamentals of Machine Component Design 4th Ed. by Juvinall
Fundamentals of phsics 7th ed. by David Halliday, Robert Resnick, and Jearl Walker (instructor's manual)
Fundamentals of Thermal-Fluid Sciences by Cengal
Fundamentals of Thermodynamics 6th Ed. Richard E. Sonntag, Claus Borgnakke, Gordon J. Van Wylen
Guide to Energy Management 5th Ed. by Klaus-Dieter E. Pawlik
Heat Transfer 2nd Ed. by Cengel

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