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Odd, very odd...

Guest liquibyte

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Guest liquibyte

You mean the high number of guest visitors?

No, audioguru's on there twice.  I checked the profile page for both usernames and it was him twice and not a spoof or anything.
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Guest liquibyte

I finished the code you wanted me to do.  Here's what you need to change in order to deny usernames with odd characters.

In /Sources/Subs-Members.php find these lines (around line 500)...

	// No name?!  How can you register with no name?
	if (empty($regOptions['username']))
		$reg_errors[] = array('lang', 'need_username');

...and add this just after it.

	// Check if it's only a..z, A..Z, 0..9
	if ( preg_match("/[^-a-z-A-Z0-9_ .]/i", $regOptions['username']) )
	  $reg_errors[] = array('lang', 'bad_username');

and then for the error message, in /Themes/default/languages/Login.english.php in the section "// Registration form." add this line.

$txt['bad_username'] = 'Usernames can only contain alphanumeric characters and dashes or underscores';

Now RTL languages and extended UTF8 characters can't be used to sign up accounts.

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