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YMIN Electrolytic Capacitors:Less Φ8, Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Raina Yin

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As informed by Rubycon, production of materials used in aluminum electrolytic capacitors has been discontinued
Stopped in ongoing production due to transaction volume and difficulty drop.
Therefore, we will also stop production of aluminum electrolytic capacitors below Φ8. We at Sun Life have a high quality alternative to the Rubycon line of products.


The following small diameter series products of YMIN can completely replace the series products of Rubycon.

Type Series Life(Hrs) features Rated Voltage Range(V.DC) Rated capacitance(uF) working temperature         (°C)
Chip Type V4M 1000 3.95mmLMAX, ultra-small products 6.3~100 1~220 -55~105
Chip Type V3MC 2000 Ultra-high capacity, low impedance, small product 6.3~35 220~2700 -55~105
Chip Type V3M 2000~5000 Low-impedance, thin, high-capacity products 6.3~160 10~2200 -55~105
Chip Type VMM 3000~8000 5mm high, thin product 6.3~500 0.47~4700 -55~105
Chip Type VK7 4000~6000 7mm high, small product 6.3~400 1~680 -55~105
Chip Type VKO 6000~8000 Small size 10~500 0.47~10000 -55~105
Chip Type VKM 7000~10000 Long life, miniaturized product 10~500 0.47~4700 -55~105
Chip Type VKG 8000~12000 long life 10~500 0.47~4700 -55~105
Chip Type VKL 2000~5000 High temperature resistance, long life 10~450 0.47~4700 -40~125
Chip Type VKL(R) 2000 High temperature resistance, low impedance, high reliability 10~50 47~3300 -55~135
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