16X2 LCD Shield with LMD18201 Motor Driver

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LCD is very important part of many DIY and industrial projects. The 16X2 LCD shield has been designed to develop LCD related projects using 28-40 Pin Pic development board or DSpic development board, along with LCD this shield includes LMD18201 DC Motor driver , 2 Trimmer potentiometer and 4 tact switches with jumpers. Jumpers can be used to connect switches to pre decided port pins or remove jumpers and connect switches to any port pin using female to female wire harness, LCD pins and H-Bridge signal inputs are open ended male header connector and can be hooked to any port pin with the help of female to female wire harness. This is a very useful shield to develop timer, measurements, dc motor driver with display, DC motor pump controller, automatic irrigation system and many more projects.


  • Supply 5V DC
  • Motor Supply 12V to 36V DC
  • Motor Load Up to 3A ( 6 Amp Peak)
  • 4 Tact Switch Open End or Jumpers Interface
  • On Board Trimmer Pot for LCD Brightness Adjust
  • 2 Spare Trimmer Pots



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