2.7A PWM Valve/Solenoid Driver Arduino Nano Shield

This Arduino shield helps to drive various loads like a solenoid, valve, motor, inductive actuator, heater, and bulb. A wide supply range 8V-60V and a load current of 2.7A allows it to be used with a variety of actuators. The board can be used as a stand-alone driver or it can be controlled by Arduino Nano. DRV102 is the heart of the project which is a high-side power switch employing a pulse-width modulated (PWM) output. Its rugged design is optimized for driving electromechanical devices such as valves, solenoids, relays, actuators, and positioners. The circuit is also ideal for driving thermal devices such as heaters and lamps. PWM operation conserves power and reduces heat rise in the device, resulting in higher reliability. In addition, adjustable PWM allows fine control of the power delivered to the load. the delay from DC output to PWM output is externally adjustable using C1 capacitor.  The DRV102 can be set to provide a strong initial closure, automatically switching to a soft hold mode for power saving. The duty cycle can be controlled by resistor R3. LED D1 output indicates thermal shutdown and over/under current limit. D2 of the Arduino Nano connected to the input of DRV102 to control on/off of the load, J2 jumper can be used to on/off the load in stand-alone mode, J1 PCB jumper provided to run the project with a maximum signal supply of 9V. The project requires dual supply, Load supply 8-60V and logic supply 6-9V.

Note : The board is set for 0.97mS delay on/off and can be altered for other delay using C1, Default duty cycle is 90% and can be altered using R3.


  • Load Supply 8-60V
  • Logic Supply Arduino Nano 6-9V DC (Not Required In Stand-Alone Mode)
  • Load Current 2.7A
  • Delay On/Off Adjustable 15uS-97mSeconds (C1-Capacitor)
  • PWM Duty Cycle Adjustable ( 10-90%)
  • D1 LED Flag Indicator (Fault LED)


Parts List


Delay Adjust

Duty Cycle Adjust




DRV102 Datasheet

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