24×6 LED Matrix Control Circuit



This is a 24×6 LED matrix control board based on Syst3mX schematics on Instructables. The board is connected on the LED matrix board and an external MCU or Arduino is required to produce the control signals that are feed on GP8.

Control Board Schematic



The circuit is able to drive a 24×6 LED matrix using an external MCU or Arduino board.  The LED matrix columns are connected on JP1, JP2, JP3 and the 6 rows are connected on JP7. There is also the option to connect 2 more rows (total 8 rows) to make a 24×8 LED matrix.

The control is done externally applying the signals on JP8 as is shown on the diagramm below:


  • GND is the signal ground
  • VCC is 5V in reference to GND
  • RCK is SC signal of SPI (latch)
  • SCK is CLOCK signal of SPI
  • SER is DATA dignal of SPI
  • CLK is CLOCK signal of 4017
  • RES is RESET signal of 4017

Control signals can be easily generated by an Arduino UNO or Duemilanove using some code . You may refer to:


R25, R26, R27, R28, R30, R31, R32 6 x Resistors of 1k Ohms. SMD, 1206
The rest of resistors in the design 24 x Resistors of about 100 Ohms. SMD, 1206
IC1 1 x 4017 (decade counter) DIP
T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8 8 x 2N3904
IC2, IC3, IC4 3 x 74HC595 (shift register) DIP
JP1, JP2, JP3, JP6, JP7 5 x Pin Header (8×1)
4 x 3 mm screws

Control Board PCB Design




LED Board Schematic


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Great design. Do you sell the boards?


I want to know about vcc supply for this project and how your code is working.please help me.


T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8 6 x 2N3904

how is it possible or mistake.


I can not add a column to be 24 more. text above the column 24 will be damaged. sketch must change to produce what I want. ?

Jabed Hossen

Please tell me size of led control board .

simon njoroge

I have successfully made a 24 * 9 LED matrix using the above instructions. The text scrolls well when typed from the serial monitor. However I would like when I type a word or numerals or a combination of both-maximum 7- from the serial monitor the text should not scroll but displayed stationary on my matrix.
Kindly attach the code in my email.

Jewel Rana

please, tell me your pcb size.


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