7 Segment LED Based SPI Display using 74HC595

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Single Digit Big Display module using 74HC595 IC project will display large size 7 segment single digit number. 3.5inch height, which can be visible over large distance.  More digit can be connected serially to each other easily trough connector.

This circuit is a single digit seven segment big display using a set of 5 LEDs per segment and a shift register for easy control by micro-controller input. Each of the LEDs used in this project are 5mm high glow type.


  • A ULN2003 IC helps sink higher current flowing through the LEDs to grounds.
  • Resistor R1 to R8 are current limiting Resistors for the LEDs connected in series.
  • CN1 Connector is Data In connector
  • CN2 Connector is optional Data Out Connector if you need to stack more than 1 single display board in series
  • +V CN1 & CN2 should be connected to higher voltage to drive the LEDs
  • VCC Should be connected to 5V DC. This supply can be source from host controller
  • Each Segment made up of 5LEDs
  • Series Current limiting resistor provide on each segment
  • Series latched type display using SPI protocol
  • Separate Header Connecter for connection input/output
  • Four Mounting holes 3.2MM each
  • PCB Dimension’s 125MM X 58MM

Schematic 7-segment-led-based-spi-display-using-74hc595-schematic

Parts List


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Dipak Wankhede

Please specify the uses of the 7 Segment LED Based SPI Display using 74HC595


Hello, Found your website very helpful. I request you to write an article on “Multiplexed display”, using single 74HC595, which will be very helpful to all. Ideally it would also help in learning about driving the segments with external transistors for digit selection.


do you have a code for arduino?

Ongun Kavraal

Can we use transistors instead of ULN2003A ?