Flex/Force Sensor to bargraph monitor using PIC16F886

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Tiny Bar-Graph display provides a Red color bright, easy to read display which is proportional to the force applied on the FLEX sensor surface.  This Bar-Graph has 20 segments in a single color and display Force applied on the FLEX sensor. The Barograph force monitor is based on a PIC microcontroller with 10 Bit resolution ADC.  This high-performance measurement provides unique capabilities and can be used in various applications. Each LED output provided with Solder- a jumper for output set point, which can be configured for output control, alarm, Relay.

Force sensing resistors are polymer think film devices which exhibit a decrease in resistance with an increase in the force applied to the active surface. Its force sensitivity is optimized for use in human touch control of electronic devices.

Suitable Force Sensor is FSR402 (sensitivity 0.2N-20N, Part no 12, see datasheet below)

Note: Board is provided with Trim-Pot for fine tuning of display.


  • Supply 7.5 V to 18V DC (Direct 5V Input Possible)
  • Force Sensor (Flex Sensor)
  • Output Display 20 Color RED SMD LEDs
  • Compact Board with SMD Components
  • Supply input Header Connecter
  • On Board 5V Regulator
  • Onboard Trimpot to Calibrate The Display Range.
  • Solder Jumper on each LED for Output Control, Alarm, and Relay
  • PCB Dimensions 75.88 X 26.69 MM


Parts List

Jumper Settings


FSR402 Force Sensor Details





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