Magnetic field sensor using AD22151

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Magnetic field sensor project using AD22151 IC from Analog Devices, The AD22151 is linear magnetic field transducer. The sensor output is a voltage proportional to a magnetic field applied perpendicularly to the package top surface. The sensor combines integrated bulk Hall cell technology and instrument technology to minimize temperature related drifts associated with silicon Hall cell characteristics.


  • Supply 5V DC @ 25mA
  • Power Led On Board
  • Header connector for supply and output
  • Normal Output 1.800V
  • South side Magnet Output 4.800V
  • North side Magnet Output 0.042V


  • Throttle Position Sensing
  • Pedal Position Sensing
  • Suspension Position Sensing
  • Valve Position Sensing
  • Absolute Position Sensing
  • Proximity Sensing



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  • Please provide dimensions including
    mounting hole diameter and location, sensor location, chip dimensions, pin dimensions

    3 years ago
    • admin

      I’ve uploaded a PDF file with the PCB and dimensions. Check it above.

      3 years ago
      • Peng Peng

        What is the thickness of the PCB?

        3 years ago
        • admin

          PCB thickness is 1.6mm

          3 years ago
          • Peng Peng

            Thank you. Then what is the total thickness? I mean the top to bottom height. I am considering of placing this entire sensor in a 3.9 mm thickness space. Is it possible?
            I need 5 pieces currently.

            3 years ago
        • admin

          PCB Thickness without components 1.6mm
          PCB and Components 3.5mm without header right angle connector
          PCB + Components + Connector =5.5MM

          3 years ago
      • Peng Peng

        How can I buy it?

        3 years ago
        • admin

          How many pieces do you need?

          3 years ago
          • Peng Peng

            Thank you for replying. I would like to purchase 5 pieces of sensors. May I have your email for contact?

            3 years ago
          • admin

            Please use the form here to contact us:

            3 years ago

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