Microcontroller based running light controller

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This project is a lights effects board using common bulbs.


This project provides some lighting effect by the blinking pattern of the bulbs connected at its output. Up to 8 Bulbs can be connected in between connector CN2 to CN9 and AC power to control them should be connected at Connector CN10. DC Power should be applied at Connector CN11 in accordance with the polarity marked on this connector. Care should be taken while using this it as it contains Main Power on the board.

We can change the Blink pattern by the press of the SET switch and change the blinking speed by the press of the UP and DOWN keys on the PCB. Fuse F1 will protect the Kit from any possible short circuit and excess current flowing through it.


  • Microcontroller based design for greater flexibility and ease of control
  • Triac based switching of loads connected to the circuit
  • Industry standard isolation with the help of Opto enabled Triac Control
  • Fuse protection for AC output
  • SUPPLY 9-12V DC & 230V AC
  • LOAD-100W max on each output
  • Simple and easy to use 3 tactile switch enabled control of the project
  • PBT type connector for connecting supply (AC/DC) and TRIAC output on the PCB
  • Onboard regulator for regulated supply to the project
  • Diode protection for reverse polarity connection of DC supply to the PCB
  • Four mounting holes of 3.2 mm each
  • PCB dimensions 86 mm x 173 mm



Parts List


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Mr. A.Das

Would you please get the Hexfile for the above project in the above E-mail.ID. Regards Das

narciso macabaligotin

hi there! nice work! how about the resistor wattage? is it safe to use 1/2 watt resistors?


Did someonemade this project?? Does it work??


Helloo, i bulit this project, but it doesn’t work, it keeps open only RB7 port.


Can you share the source code??


helloo, I bult this project to use it with some LED light rope , but there is a small problem, the led’s doesn’t close totelly, can you help me please.


Can you recomend me what triac I should use??

Sunil Thakkur

i wanted to switch 4 coil gun with your MICRO CONTROLLER BASED RUNNING LIGHT CONTROLLER one by one keeping previous in off state in positive cycle and another 4 in negative cycle one by one in reverse manner to produce reciprocating motion.
only one time when we actuate the cycle. can you help me in developing this project. with program code. my total load is 4 amps@ 220 V ac 50 Hz
or if you are located in New Delhi i would like to discuss.


Dear Sir. The (U9) master ic is ready to use or program. and i need the pcb


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