Open Source 3.2” TFT Smart Display


This project is an open source 3.2″ Smart TFT display board. The board is based on a PIC32 and a 3.2′ TFT with touchscreen (ILI9320 controller, using 16bits PMP). The software has two main parts. One that produces the 2D functions and a GUI with various widgets (buttons, check boxes, sliders etc).




A new version of 3.2″ TFT Smart Display project can be found here

In the beginning, I just wanted to play with these cheap TFT screens available on eBay (displaying some pictures & text, nothing more); step by step, I finally designed a PCB and a built a consequent software with many 2D basic functions and even a small GUI.

The board is based on a PIC32 and a 3.2′ TFT with touchscreen (ILI9320 controller, using 16bits PMP). The PCB is 4.9 x 4.9 cm, 2 layers (=> $15 / 10 units at seeedfusion).

About the software: I’ve first tried to use some parts of code provided by Microchip, but their library looks like quite complex from my point of view (some files with more than 5k lines, with too much #ifdef…. ><“). As a result, I rewrote a new software, from scratch; this software is composed of 2 main parts:

– P2D: 2D functions (drawing a line, put some texts & sprites, draw filled polygons, memory buffering…)

– GUI: small GUI with some basic widgets (buttons, checkbox, graph, …). Each widget has generic attributes (disabled, notified, focused, …), can be grouped and linked to signals (e.g. emit a signal when the widget is pressed)

The project is under OSHW / GPL3.





Demo Videos



  • Andrea

    good work!!! You know if the libraries can be used with a PIC18?

    5 years ago
  • shu

    not work with any external fonts

    2 years ago

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