PIC Development Board for RS485 & DMX512 Applications

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This PIC development board has been designed to develop RS485 based and DMX512 applications, the board has 28 pin SMD Pic micro-controller, RS485 chip for communications, all I/O line has pull-up resistor which can be soldered as per application requirement on particular port pins. In-circuit programming of PIC micro-controller can be achieved via a 6-pin header that is compatible with the Microchip PICkit2 or PICkit3. On board 3.3 V and 5V DC regulators allows using 3V and 5V PICS. This board support both 3.3V low power and normal 5V operation, supply selection with jumper closure. All I/O pins supported with parallel GND and VCC header connector for easy interface of any device or sensor and also can be used as address setting jumper by pulling high or low. Important  for DMX512 Address.

On board Optically isolated gate driver and Mosfet make DC solid state relay , which can be used to drive High Power LED, Solenoid, DC Motor and any device required DC supply On off or PWM, the input of gate driver is open and has header connector to connect with any suitable I/O line using female header wire hookup. 3Pin screw terminal for easy interface of RS485 twisted cable including GND connections for cable screen, 4 Pin header connector for DC supply input, diode provided at input supply for reverse supply protection.


  • Logic Supply 7V to 12V DC @ 500mA
  • J1 Jumper for Supply Input Selection to PIC Micro 3.3V Or 5V
  • Screw Terminal for Load supply (Solid State Relay)
  • Load Supply 12V To 48 DC (VL & GND) CN17
  • Load 12V to 48V 5Amps (VL & OP) CN16
  • Operating Frequency Optically isolated Gate Driver up to 50 KHz
  • Duty Cycle (Gate Driver/Mosfet) 10 to 100%
  • Screw Terminal for Load
  • D1 Power LED
  • D3 Output LED
  • 28 Pin Microchip SO28 SMD Micro-Controller with Internal Oscillator can be used  ( PIC16F886)


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