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This project is designed for Animatronics and Puppeteer applications, however, it can be used in other applications like sound responsive toys, robots, etc. Especially this project helps to move the jaw or mouth of an animatronic creature.

The project moves RC servo once receives any kind of sound.  The rotation angle depends on the sound level, more the sound level more the movement. The movement of the servo is proportional to the sound level.

The circuit has 4 channel servo drivers, the First channel is driven by sound, and rest 3 RC servos controlled by the onboard trimmer potentiometer, these 3 channels helps to drive other movements of the animatronics figure.

Sound Received by the microphone is converted to DC voltage, PIC16F72 microcontroller converts DC voltage into the RC PWM signal. The circuit works with 5V DC and it is advisable to use a battery for low jitter.

If you want to drive the input with a direct audio signal remove R3 (10K) and microphone and feed audio to C6, we would advise using a potentiometer (10K to 20K) before feeding audio to R3 to adjust the input level. If the audio source is from headphones output you can remove Q1 and feed audio to the anode of D3.


  • Supply 5V to 6V DC (1.5V X 4 AA or Large 6V SLA Battery)
  • 4 Channel RC Servo Drivers
  • 1St Channel works with Sound
  • 3 Channel works with onboard potentiometer
  • CN7 Supply
  • D2 Power LED
  • CN6,CN8, CN9 Connectors for RC Servo works with Potentiometer
  • Trimmer Potentiometer PR2= SERVO 2, PR3=SERVO 3, PR4=SERVO4
  • CN5 Connector for RC Servo works with Sound


Parts List





PIC16F72 Datasheet



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Hi there, Thank you for the information. Where can I get this board? Is sold somewhere?

Joseph A Mezzo

Yes let me know the cost for 24 pieces

Fernando Gomez

can you still produce these boards?


Will this board work with an external input. Say direct input from a sound source like a 3.5mm jack playing a voice? Also, correct me if I’m wrong but the other 3 channels could be used if say you have a mouth using 2 servo’s (one on each side of jaw) …Am I correct? Let me know as we would be willing to build one..just need to understand a bit more.

Steve Aucott

Hi how much to have 25 of these units to be made.

Robert Gould

Hi, I am interested in buying 2 or 3 of these boards . Can you please tell me a price ?


Hi, I am interested in buying one of these boards. can you tell me a price


How much would it cost to buy 5 of these boards (pre-assembled and ready o go?)


Do you also happen to have the CPL file for this?

Arif Sethi

Hello, can someone help lease. i’ve created the cicuit it turns etc. but do not work. no reaction to sound or movement usin potentiometer.



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