Three Channel Audio Mixer



Above schematic is for a three channel audio mixer. That will provide an overall gain of one between the output and each input channel. Each input channel includes a single 0.1uf capacitor and 100-Kilohms resistor to provide an output impedance of 100K.

The number of input channels to this audio mixer can be increased by adding more capacitors and resistors with same value as capacitor(0.1uf) and resistor(100K). The mixer should be located between the output of tone control circuitry and the input to the power amplifier. One input should be taken from the output of the tone control circuit, and the other inputs should either be grounded or taken from desired source.

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Shaaban Mohammed

Well demonstrated

Tetsuo Shimada

I have made a 2chnnel Audio Mixer by this circuit.1channel is iPod’s music and other channel is ukulele piezo-pickup.This output connect to the power amp.
Your Mixer Circuit is good mixed 2 channel sound.I thank you.


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