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  1. In this case i would recommend a microcontroller (programmable chip) that will continuously read an acceleration sensor in all three axes and if these values fall below a threshold for some time (you define it) the LEDs will flash. But to use a microcontroller, some knowledge of programming is required. The electronics part of this project is straightforward. Alternative you can think of an Arduino to power this project. That will make programming of the mcu more easy.

  2. CoryD, you should normally see the "Drag files here to attach, or choose files.." as you can see on the attachment below. If you can't see it, please report your browser and operating system and also if you have javascript enabled or any antivirus is blocking parts of a webpage such as cookies.

    Screenshot 2015-10-12 12.24.54.png

    Normal telephone line power runs around 224 K ohms @ -51 DC volts. The current, not sure how to measure it...but its around 1 amp...I guess, not sure. I'm trying to produce my own phone system with 12 call stations. I have watch a lot of youtube vides...but so far, nothings clear that I can get to work. I've been working on this close to a year! When you connect your tester on a hot phone line, it reads -51.9v and when you go off the hook, it drops to -8v. I have tried many things to get 2 phones to talk to no avail. Connecting a 12V Batt to 2 phones connected will turn on....but will not talk. Watching a youtube video show a guy doing just that and they worked! Perhaps new Wal-Mart $5 digital phones won't work? I'm a loss!

    I am attaching here 5 different telephone intercommunication schematics that was published on the old version of electronics-lab.com. They are old designs but may still be useful to help you with what you are trying to accomplish. I also have a telephone intercom system based on PIC microcontroller. If you are interested on this also, just tell me.



    The Link P - Privacy Link.zip



  3. I connected a 300 ohm resistor to the red wire and 300 ohm to the green wire, using an altered phone "Y", connected +12V (Red) and 0V (Green) and nothing.

    Tried to download a picture of how I have it rigged...wont let me.

    Do you have an issue uploading a photo on the forum? What's the problem?

  4. I am sorry to see that the problem didn't go away with the upgrade to Windows 10. So I now suspect that something else is blocking the button to appear on your pc. Do you use any special plugins on your browser, like ad blockers etc? Also, have you tried to deactivate your antivirus temporary?

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