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  1. I just removed the unnecessary part, after the useful URL. A URL like that will work: https://www.ebay.com/itm/281873849657
  2. I fixed the URL for you! I think it's a 1.5uF / 250V capacitor the one you are looking for.
  3. admin


    Hi there, welcome onboard!
  4. admin

    New here!

    Hi and welcome to elab!, feel free to start you own topics. Best,
  5. Download for PSpice Student version 9.1 is located here: https://www.electronics-lab.com/downloads/circutedesignsimulation/?page=5
  6. As per my point of view, you will not have any issue as these are short pulses of light that can't increase the temperature of the CMOS sensor from a distance. So i think you are on the safe side.
  7. How much intense is the flash of welding process ? Can you show us a video here?
  8. Could you post some screenshots and a description why someone should download this ?
  9. I made the font darker, could you reload and check now ?
  10. Seems like you are on low resolution screen and that the page is loaded in tablet mode. So that's why you see the menu like that, and possible font alteration. The white space is not empty is the advertising space that you ad blocker prevents from showing, so we can't do much about that. I will try to make the fonts a tone darker to see if this has any effect.
  11. Thanks for your feedback, please attach a screenshot for both issues and i will make appropriate corrections. What monitor are you using ?
  12. admin

    New here!

    Hi and welcome, What made you sign up to this community? Are you interested on electronics and tech related stuff? Do you build circuits ?
  13. Please fix the font color. Thanks
  14. You may quote here: https://www.iclocator.com https://www.oemstrade.com https://www.nsncomponents.com
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