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  1. Yes, we installed a new layer of defense that seems that did the trick.
  2. It's a Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor MLCC - SMD/SMT 0.22 uF 50V 0603 https://gr.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Murata-Electronics/GCJ188R91H224KA01D?qs=QzBtWTOodeUBgk6Gsyvq%2FA%3D%3D
  3. Without a clear description nobody can help in this matter. Sorry.
  4. This is too generic. Could you be more specific?
  5. It seems not publicly available. I couldn't locate it.
  6. According to the datasheet you can calculate the series resistance R1 using the formula below. This way you can use your desired voltage on the input. I don' t think you need to alter any other component.
  7. Could you give us an idea on the direction you want your topic to be?
  8. It is possible to harvest RF energy to power small loads like a small transmitter or bug but i don't think you can charge a mobile phone as it requires much energy. You can check online for "RF energy harvesting", it's an interesting topic to research and there are some special IC build for this purpose. Let us know your findings. 😉
  9. Would you like that we feature this on the blog?
  10. I would agree, looks like a re-settable fuse to me. Could you measure it in continuity mode to see if it's shorted or not?
  11. They are mostly registering as a plain user, they pass the question, automatic Spam Defense which flags the accounts with spam score and they also approve their email address which is new each time.
  12. I have now added: "How many color bands a typical resistor has?", let's see how it goes and if this guessed easily i will replace it.
  13. Yes it seems so, any idea for an electronics related question?
  14. This feature is enabled on our community but seems spammers get new way to register and post. We keep a close eye on the situation.
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