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  1. admin

    New here!

    Hi and welcome, What made you sign up to this community? Are you interested on electronics and tech related stuff? Do you build circuits ?
  2. Please fix the font color. Thanks
  3. You may quote here: https://www.iclocator.com https://www.oemstrade.com https://www.nsncomponents.com
  4. It seems the complete part number is ASEK01CB or ASEK-01-CB, and you may search on obsolete distributors online with that part number.
  5. What is the ASEK-01 you are looking for? Any reference online ?
  6. Could you point us to the original video? Have you tried to contact the author of it ?
  7. Hello and welcome to our community, You may want to try the PCB Panelizer & Gerber Tool Suite , the first here: https://www.electronics-lab.com/downloads/pcb I have myself tried it, but wasn't able to export correct Gerbers, so i am also looking for an alternative. Best Regards,
  8. Hi and welcome, Could you please give us more info on the SSR you will use ?
  9. If you see the schematic of both Power Supply + IR2153 together, ground looks shorting but both PCBs are separate so actually ground is not shorting, both PCBs are connected through only 3 wires, check the picture, if you see schematic of both it looks confusion, if you build the circuit and connect as per picture it will work perfectly,
  10. Hi Jackson and welcome to our community. The 1/2V is actually the reference GND where the +V and -V are referred. This means that +V and -V are connected to your load with GND as 0V. The same applies for CN2 and CN1
  11. admin

    Adblock Plus?

    I have removed the referred topics from the community.
  12. There are some circuits online, mostly named as Karaoke Circuits but i am not sure how well they will perform.
  13. Does manufactures of IR sensors indicate their response time on datasheets ? That would be a good starting point.
  14. Is this what you are looking for? FQB60N03L.pdf
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