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  1. now that sounds like a plan. ;D now let me think, who do i know who could do that........umm....... how about......nahh....he's in jail......erm...... how about...... nope he's married......oooh.......i know!!!........now don't be stupid, you dumped her and didn't return her calls.........nope thats me, again, drawing a blank! :-\ this is when i realise that i've spent my life hanging around with useless people!!! : ::)
  2. All this advice i'm getting from from people is realy kind and generous and is realy very much apreciated. Thank you. ;D but i think it's time to give up on me. As i have come to realise, i am well in above my head. All of these diagrams (which i'm sure, would be easy to understand, if i had an ounce of knowlage) are like rocket science in chinese brail, to me! :-[ I simply don't have the knowlage to make this thing work. and nothing less than someone explaining every little component,what it is & what to do with it would get me outa this mess. I Don't understand what the circuit diagrams mean. the squiggley lines and numbers -well lets's put it this way- if i found them anywhere else, i would think i had made first contact with the bourg!! :( (resistance is futile) But everybodys efforts have been very much appreciated. But from a guy whos only knowlage of circuits was wiring a 9v battery to a light bulb in secondary school, i think that i may have to make a big slice of humble pie and go and explain to my lady's dad that i'm beat! :-[ And here was me hoping to turn my delorean into a replica of the BTTF time machine with flashing lights, time circuits, flux capacitors and things of the kind. well i think i may have to re-think that one. ??? thanks again James ;D (elec-dunce) (no Doc Brown)
  3. i have a week left!!! :-\ i can use anything just to make it happen!! i basically need to know what to do with the circuitry!
  4. just updated my first post!! Thank you for you reassuingly prompt response!! ; :D
  5. Hi guys! I am in mojor trouble and need some expert help!! :'( Last week i was set a task of creating some equipment that would perform a simple task, so brain says simple task - simple to create (or so i thought!)- wrong!!! Now guys let me just explain, i wouldn't usually take on a task like this, as i haven't done anything remotely electronic since i dropped the topic @ gcse for woodwork!! :-[ But when the guy who's asking me is the father of my future wife and i'm a young man oh to eager to impress, it becomes difficult for me to say no!! Now i have tried all sorts of avenues, i have been into Maplins Elctronics here in norwich and non of them had the knowlage needed appart from the manager who was to busy to see me, thought about going back to my lady's secondary school for advice untill i found out that she never got on with her teachers!! so gifted with a project that is now more about resourcefullness than knowlege i come to you!! Please help! The project is: to create a box that has a number of nobs and dials on it. the nobs serve the following purposes, two nobs that turn through six points, each point is numbered , on one the numbers start @ 2 and go up in multiples of 2 through to 12. then the second dial goes up in multiples of 15 (from 15-90). These numbers represent seconds of time that a light, that is placed above each dial, will stay on for. then a button placed underneath each dial to start the light for the selected amount of time. also a power on/off switch for the batteries powering the whole thing. i have to make five of these units. PLLEEEEEEEASE HELP!!!
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