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  1. Hi, the transistor/Ampops in the schematic are not the final ones. These components are there only for simulation. The Electronics Workbench has a big library but is a little old. The power transistor has to be symmetric so I have been search the web and I found: NPN 2n5631 PNP 2n6031 16A 140V 200W NPN 2n3772 PNP 2n6609 16A 140 V 150W NPN 2n3055 PNP MJ2955 15A 90V 114W For current sense and voltage reference generator ampops you can use tl081 if you build a regulated power supply of 15V 0V -15V, “LM7815 LM7915” this is because the opa445AP cost 8.40euros “Portugal Price”
  2. Hello. I am electronic engineering student and for 3 weeks I have been studding this power supply. Now I understand 98% of the PSU, and I decided to design a symmetric PSU. Here is my schematic. This is not a finished job, but maybe can help you. If you have Electronics Workbench you can simulated and maybe understand how it works. Right now this schematic has a big problem in the current limiter. The problem is very simple the current limiter only works if the load is connected to ground. If you have a load connected to +32 -32 V the PSU don’t work very well. Maybe some one can help and fi
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