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  1. :-[ thanks man that was a big wake up call :-X 0.22uf on the input and 0.1uf output :) Thanks a lot
  2. lastest update: ok, this time I put 5V DC regulator(LM7805C - V) when i switch on the PIC microcontroller, the regulator heat up as if can cook an egg then later come the PIC microcontroller turn to heat up...... :( link to my schematic : http://dl1.uploadgalaxy.com/files/d28a555303a4/pro.bmp Thanks
  3. I teasted o.1, 1 and 10 uf polarized capacitor as bypass capacitor but it seems not working The reason I'm asking about pure DC is because my PIC microcontroller get heat up so fast and damn hot............ and I have fried few of my PIC :( Thanks
  4. well I mearsure the 4 x 1.5V AA everday super heavy with digital multimeter: 1. when I switch it to DCV 200 mode it show 05.8 2. when I switch it to ACV 200 mode it show 12.2 3. sorry I don't have oscillator therefore i don't know the frequency :( I need 1000uf... those are super capacitor........? btw, i use it for PIC project.... Thanks
  5. i'm using alkaline cell maybe is 0.12 ACV...... 0.1uf polarized capacitor will do?
  6. hi... I have a 6v DC = 4 x 1.5V AA battery that generate 1.2V AC........ so how do we totally eliminate those AC current?
  7. hi... anyone know what happen to sonsivri.com? or anyone know any alternative site? thanks
  8. hi... anyone know where to download the latest multisim software that come with multiMCU and multiVHL? Thanks'
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