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  1. The powersupply itselves is done so far. I can change the voltage from something about 0 up to 30 Volt and the current LED seems to work fine! Now I have to grill some AVRs to get the multimeter working ;D and build a small case... Want to see some pictures? Here you go:
  2. It's me again! I nearly have done the powersupply, only the transformer is not available :-\ Although here are the first pictures including a modified layout:
  3. exactly i too had hard time in finding those 5804 chip. either no availability or too costly for a small CNC project.so i moved for pic based stepper controller(linistepper)
  4. I just finished the the layout and the schematic diagramm (Eagle files) !! After buying all reqired parts I will post some fotos and a link to the german HowTo ;D
  5. Well, the problem is, that i cannot find exactly the same resistor... I only found 9 Watt resistors from 0,33 to 0,47 Ohm, but it would be too small, wouldn't it? And don't worry about the cooling stuff, I have some old CPU cooler. I wanted to use a fan anyway ::)
  6. Once again a big thanks for your help!! After searching a while on my german shop's site I decided to choose these parts: and some heatsinks I already bought. Are the 10.000 uF of C1 enough? It's the biggest on I found... BTW: I would really like to make a HowTo of my version of the power supply aviable on my (and another modding-) website with downloadable schematic diagramm and layout (of course selfdesigned and with the fitting parts). Are I'm allowed to do this or is there any problem because of the copyright? I DO NOT want to sell the power supply or its HowTo!
  7. Thanks for your reply! I decided to use the KBU 4J. Are there any other parts, which would also work on there limit, if I have a max current output of 3.3 A on the transformer?
  8. First of all, I want to use this transformer. Yes, I'm from Germany ;) Input Voltage: 230 V Output Voltage: 2x 12 VAC Output Current: 2x 3,33 A Power: 80 VA Do you have any partnumber for suitable diodes? I don't really want the 1N5402 to operate on there limit, I would realy like some buffer up to 4 A?!
  9. I ust worry about D1, D2, D3 and D4 because they are specified for only 3.0 A but there will be an possible input current of 3.3 A ???
  10. Just a short question: What do I have to change, if i want use an 24 VAC 3,3 A transformer for the "0-30 VDC STABILIZED POWER SUPPLY" and the "Voltmeter + Ammeter LCD panel"?
  11. well that pic u posted look like FM transmitter? but u said u want RF transmittr right...aim i confused :-\
  12. well why i liked above ckt is bcz of its simplicity. it can remember the last distance travelled. and ofcourse i need speed of the bike.i may face problem while attaching the sensor moudule on wheel.
  13. then insted of using char. display LCD u shld go for graphic display LCD so ru gona make this ckt?or do u have any other speedometer schematic.
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