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  1. hi guys i have eagla 4.13.i downloaded eagle3D and povray.but i cant 3D. can i help yours? how do from eagle povray with 3D?
  2. that circuit(link A2B),one input; out two phone convert. that circuit with am I can ? again thanks.
  3. gogo so,in forum there is link A2B circuit.Am i can't do. thanks.
  4. 2 telephone link design circuit.my home 2 multiple.in down there is a telephone and pc.in up there is a telephone.i in down when somebody when calling ring 2 telephone.paradigmatic;calling after,i open phone but i want transfer up.or calling up transsfer down. i hopefully, i can expression.
  5. guys,i need a little central circuit.in my home, there are 2 parallel telephone. that's for;i need such-a circuit. thanks.
  6. thanks.guys alright,are there teach picture a site? search me too.
  7. subwoofer box for make a site? anyone know? i need thanks
  8. yes i understand.i dont open music.but amp than "hiss" coming sound. thanks
  9. I have a home amp. and amp when open spekars than "tıs" goming sound how that stop problem help you thanks
  10. I want to different project.are you send a example project me?
  11. I'm sorry.where don't know write.qickly I need to finished project. help you thanks. this site very good
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