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  1. i know when you put resistors in parrallel they lower in value, but is it because of voltage or current, (or is it both) going in circles, could use some help. :-\ (beginer electronics dude here)
  2. lookes like i have to do more research on these transformers - :'( the reason i could not fit an iron core transformer (the normal size ones) is that i have a very restrictive area, can not fit much more than wires, the fan and led have cutouts in the frame, would not look nice or professional if it had a transformer hanging out....
  3. well i have the resistor series disconected. I guess to be effiecient it needs a transformer, but don't have the space so i can do without right?
  4. it says it's a 12w gun... hummm... you can just splice into an ac line right, you don't need a transformer? another thing is i tried to measure my resistance from the positive to the negative... what kind of shocked me is that it measured 10k ohms? short in the bridge?
  5. i don't under stand, all of them are much higher values than they indicate... did i fry them all? is there a special way to soder the surface mount resistors? ???
  6. hmm, i have another question, see if youv'e come across this. the 22 k in the drwing is like 20 resistors in series, but number wise they add up to 22k but when i measure with a multimeter it says like 40k?!? I don't get it, do i have to use smaller value resistors to get 22k? (what i mean is.... paper value is 22k reality value is closer to 40k? why is this... you think i took to long to soder them? because they are surface mount resistors.)
  7. ??? trying to do a simple circuit and it's not turning on. i have an ac line going to a bridge rectifier. does this work without a transformer? because my led and fan do not turn on. actually nothing does. can anybody help?!
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