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  1. Hi MP, Thank you so much for the much needed help. This forum and the people there are helping me a lot. I hope I can be of some help one day ! ;D Best regards, Bob
  2. Hi Mike ! Thanks a lot !!! ;D I'll have some other questions but please bare with me I'm new at this. B.T.W is there a cheap way to get a hand on a PS that will give me the required voltage ? BOB
  3. Hi, I want to know what's the difference between a reference voltage, ground and + and or - 15 volts. I'm really lost. When I look at a schematic and see +15V and -15V and ground, the only thing I understand is that the potential difference between +15 and - 15 volts is 30 volts. Am i wrong ? Could someone help me out with this ??? I have a shematic of an op amp and would like to wire it but I need help before I burn It Thanks Bob
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