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  1. I recently recieved free samples from Microchip, but I was shocked by the customs. So, people in India, be prepared to spend some money (still cheaper than actually buying it :)) Samples from National has been by far the fastest (in a week). I recieved a few chips and some heavy data books and application notes. Although they came by post, everything except the cds were intact. Analog ships by DHL to India and this can be a problem if u live in a remote location. Similar is the case with Texas instruments, Microchip and Freescale. They ship by FEDEX and may not even execute the order unless you live in a city, where FEDEX service exists. I had some trouble with Maxim guys where they asked me to fax my company letter head(Which I did not have), to confirm the sample order. What I still dont understand is why I had to pay customs duty for Microchip sample, when there was no customs intervention for my sample from Analog, which was 3 times costly.
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