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  1. Hi, Does anyone have this book Foundation of Analog and Digital Electronic Circuit bu Anant Agarwal and Jefrey Lang Rina
  2. Well thanks for responding :) But there is nothing I could do to improve my cct operation :( because i read your both reply pretty late.....(by the time I read it,I had finished presenting and submitting report on the circuit design). However ;) ,I planned to try to implement your ideas on the circuit when I got back to campus after this semester break. Thanks to both of you
  3. Hi both of you... I only don't have EPE issues (Apr 05 and May 05) Gokar, In my collection,I just have The Art of Electronic (Horowitz & Hill) and also EPE mags form 2000 to 2005 which is also not complete(since Apr 05 and May 05 are missing) Thanks.
  4. Hi does anyone have epe (everyday practical electronics) back issue from 2002 to 2004? Thx . Rina
  5. Hi I has designed a schmitt trigger switch which suppose ly to light up an LED when the input voltage increses to 8V and light off the LED when the input voltage decrease to 4V.The design req for the project is to have only a single power supply 12V,an uA471 op-amp and a npn BJT transistor.The opamp portion successfully acts as comparator but the problem is with the switching network where the LED just stays on and doesn't go off as required. here I attached the cct for reference.
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