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  1. Thanks I am going to find an TL071 op-amp to experiment if this work better than a 741.
  2. I need to place a 1M resistor in parallel and change the ground of of all the circuit to the - input and place a capacitor between the pre-amp and the amplifier. If I use the circuit that you posted I need to generate the power circuit that generates 4.5v?
  3. Thanks 1.The 1M load needs to be in paralel or in series to the input. 2.If there is not capacitor between the 741 and 386 what happens?the speaker will sound like if i am aplying voltage to the speaker.
  4. I want a circuit to make a headphone amplifier for an electric guitar. But I have made one and does not work. The circuit below is of my design. If there are errors on notify me. The circuit is show in different groups and each on is identified one is tha pre-amp , the equalizer and the amplifier. Thanks
  5. the circuit in the web link posted is that I was posted (I supose) and if I place an pre amp using an LM386. This will work?
  6. OK this is the circuit that I have used I don't remember from were I got this but this is.
  7. I was searching in the iternet and I want to make a fuzz effect for my electric guitar. Because I found one and not work. Can anyone help me?
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