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  1. Hi everyone. I have couple LCD displays and i was going to connect one of them to my pc but i cannot find any information about them.... I have 3 LCD's and here's some info about them... 1. Display: is made by SEIKO, it's 4*40 and it has HD44780A00 chip on it. It haves 16 pin connection (+ 2 pins for backlight i think) Picture: => http://public.fotki.com/fuzaa/lcds/dscf0234.html 2. Display: is made by Samsung and it has 3 SEC C814A KS0084 chips on it, and one chip says UG-24B04-GNBR9-R It haves 10 pin connection + 2 pin for backlight. Picture: => http://public.fotki.com/fuzaa/lcds/dsc
  2. Hi everyone. I have old LCD screen taken from Toshiba T1600 laptop. I was going to connect it to my pc but i cannot find any information about it.... LCD model is Toshiba TLX-1402-G3B G3A. And it has 28 pin connection and weird lookin plug (allmost like IEEE but 28 pins). I'd be very happy if someone could help me with this project. If someone knows this LCD screens pinout and has some pictures or wiring diagrams, etc, it would help me alot.. Please help the poor =D
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