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  1. Hi Audioguru! First off all: thanks for your fast reply. I didn't want to be impolite but I messed up my thread above because I didn't know how to quote properly. I hope it will be better next time! So long Benno
  2. Hi everybody! Audioguru, your're doing an excellent job! Thank you very, very much for your commitment! I'd also like to built this PSU and understand how it works. As far as I can see there were lots of changes by the component values but the circuit's topology stayed the same except the additional resistor Rl. I've read the function description, but I still don't understand half of this circuit I think.Now here are my questions: 1.This additional resistor Rl forms a load that is needed for correct function of the regulation even if no external load is connected? 2.What is R1 good for? W
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