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  1. Thanks Tikbalang, This is the lead I was looking for ;D Would like to keep in touch...
  2. Thanks Ante, But how do the guests get to select what music they want to hear...?
  3. Thanks 'Guru and Ante, I agree, a jukebox should be filled with vinyl, but it is not what I am aiming for. I also understand how easy it would be to load up a computer with music and have it play. My reasoning behind this project is this... I live in a rural area and am looking at offering some sort of party hire to the locals. The idea is that they have the opportunity of loading up the unit with their own music. I have received feedback saying that the 'older generation' (50+) don't like the selections currently available on todays modern 'jukeboxes'. If I am able to offer them a unit where they can select their own music prior to the party (MP3 or otherwise)... My problem isn't with how the music is played, but how people can select their own songs and have them stored in a memory to play sequentially and then go into a random mode.
  4. Hi All, Just looking for some help. I have an idea to build a party jukebox to run a pair of party speakers (100 - 120 W). The idea is to build it using a 6 - 10 stacker CD running into a pre/power amp. I'm not looking for stereo or hi-fi, just volume. The idea is to be able to party in a shed, hall, etc. Being a novice in this field, I am stuck on how people select the next song to be played. My idea is to have the unit playing random tracks from the CD's, but be able to have people go up and select particular songs. I was thinking that you would need to be able to store 4-5 song selections after which the unit would go back into random mode. Can anyone point me in the right direction to look for info on how I can do this? Thanks :)
  5. Thanks AN920, Have had a look and on the right track :)
  6. Hi All, Please find below a copy of a letter sent to Fluke re: LCD display: 'To Whom It May Concern, I am not sure if this is the right place to ask about this, but I figure its a good place to start. I have recently been given a couple of old (early '80's) benchtop multimeters which I figure would go nicely on my test bench. Unfortunately the LCD's are damaged and I am wondering if the part is still available: Unit: 8050A Digital Multimeter LCD Details: Fluke Stock No.: 507673 Mfg Sply Code: 89536 Mfg Part or Type: 507673 These are the part details as listed in the instruction manual dated Oct. 1979. Am I wasting my time trying to resurrect these instruments? I look forward to your reply.' I am looking for at least 1 (preferably 2) displays. Fluke's response was that the parts are no longer available (which I believe). Any old units lying around out there?
  7. Hi All, Well, I have no degree to offer...I am a hobbyist hoping to turn it into a reirement. My experience of electronics is limited...I built a 4 channel music colour unit from a kit when I was 16 and constructed lighting units for a mobile disco when I was 17. I also rebuilt a pinball machine. I am currently putting myself through a corresponence course in TV & DVD repair (oh, the joy of rural living...lol). I enjoy the hardware-side of things, and starting to understand the theory. This site is invaluable for me as a resource.
  8. Hi Sarma, Thank-you ;D Got the chance to print it out at work (2 pages/side, duplex). A great reference.
  9. Hi All, Just a quick question from a newbie: What does a Psophometer Level Meter measure the level of? ???
  10. Can I try again...? 3 guys just died and were standing in line at the Pearly Gates waiting to get in. The 1st guy says to the 2nd guy, "So how did you die?" "Well", says the 2nd guy, "I died from a case of jealousy. I thought my wife was having an affair, so one morning I left or work as usual, but doubled back an hour later and burst through the bedroom door. Found my wife naked in bed with the blankets drawn up to her neck and the bedroom window open. I raced over to the window and saw a guy running down the street pulling his pants up and trying to do up his shirt. In a fit of rage, I picked up the cupboard, threw it out the window, had a heart attack and died." After a minute or so, the 1st guy asks the 3rd guy "So, how did you die?" "Well", says the 3rd guy, "I was running late for work the other morning, and as I ran down the street getting dressed, a bloody great cupboard fell on me and killed me". A few minutes later, the 2nd guy asked the 1st guy, "So, how did you die?" "Well", says the 1st guy, "Here I was hiding in this cupboard..." ;D
  11. Hmmm...I put a joke in not long ago in the General Section (not wanting to detract from the topics on this site), and it got canned!. No, this site isn't supposed to be a joke, but some light-hearted humour never goes astray...
  12. Thanks MP, Subtle, but the confidence is there to continue with the project. Thanks again :)
  13. Hi Moderators, Well, there has ben a lot of inquiry about this voltmeter. I am truly a Newbie in this field, but can someone PLEASE fix this project so it is an easy project/downoad. Coupled with the power supply project (30v 2a). it is pretty obvious that ppl want this want this project to complete their unit. Can someone please supply an updated schem with voltmeter in order to finalise this project. I too have got the eagle version and am waiting confirmation that all is correct.
  14. Hi All. Well. I have been given a full-blown copier for repair, but I am looking for somewhere to start. I have the above copier with projector and light pen. The issue is that when it was moved, the fuse oil was spilt. :( It seems that only one board has been affected, and from advice, if it is washed and dried properly it MIGHT work. The fuse on the board is intact, but I understand that fuse oil is highly conductive. Is this detrimental to any chips on the board? When I fire up the unit, I receive an error message "E0000 Turn off power and restart". Does anyone have an idea where I could find the schem's for this?? Any guidance would be appreciated.
  15. Geez Guru...you are a Theorist...lol. My knowledge from this site has improved 10-fold+. Keep it up!
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