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  1. since research i've decided to change my spec and the system will now be a simple on/off control via a pressure/motion sensor and a remote control to switch the lights on and off with can anyone help me or point me in the direction to the circuit diagram for this? Any help is needed!
  2. hi audioguru - A-level is what you study over here at aged 16/17 - just before we go to university to study degrees
  3. Hi everyone this is paul - i'm currently an A-Level student researching a project on an Automated lighting system, which would use 555 timers to allow the user to program lights to come on at certain times during the day, and using infra-red technology would be able to switch lights on and off using a remote control. What i want to know is what components would i need to build this, and how would i go about researching this technology? Any help with this project would be greatly appreciated thanks
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