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  1. yeah, I was refering to how does it work physically, but its nice to know the math. Thanks a ton everyone, I get it now ;D.
  2. I recently found out that if you have resistors of the same value wired in paralell, the resistance is lower than one of the resistors in the paralell. For example, if you have 2 resistors that are 50 ohms each, wire them in paralell and their resistance is 25 ohms each. I don't understand how having resistors in paralell will lower resistance. Can someone tell me why the resistance divides by 2 when you add 2 resistors of the same value? Thanks a ton.
  3. The price is quite high for me at this time.
  4. What fume extractor would be the best for extracting solder flux fumes (any recommended models)? I use solder that contains Tin and silver with no lead so I dont need to worry about lead.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I never knew that the rosin wasn't suppose to turn into smoke. So if the rosin does turn into smoke that is carcinogenic?
  6. Is rosin flux a carcinogen? Its a rather simple question but I have been looking for info on it on google but I can't find anything that consults my question directly. Thanks
  7. Hello, I need to purchase a digital multimeter. Any recommendations on a specific multimeter? Im looking for one that is suitible for robot building yet is under 120 dollars. Thanks
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