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  1. Wow. I guess if you where not already intimidated to think your questions to be thought trivial by someone more experienced in this field, a (Senior Member) Moderator seems to be trying to seal the deal. I have learned quite a bit just by reading many question posted here. Maybe by that thought process to go elsewhere for your answers, I would of maybe never 'chosen' this site to get experience. It may be prudent to encourage questions more, then worry about answering the same question over several times. Heck it may even give us amatuers a chance to feel important and answer a few 'trivial' questions that we have learned answers to. I have 5 kids and am very aware of the frustration of giving out redundent information and am sure this post started with that knee-jerk frustration. But hang in there, I am sure there are plenty of people to step in and help. :) IMHO. Keep up the good work. Scott
  2. Shahriar Good link, thanks. I will have to study those for sure. When they state a 500 mm Antenna, can that be wound or does it have to be straight? A remote light sensor? I had not even thought about that. interesting. Thanks again for the tips.
  3. LOL good aim huh? Guess I better stick to the RF. Thanks for the input, time to roll up the sleeves!
  4. Did alot of research on this topic. With all the help you gave, it steered me in the right direction. I ended up working up a simple 64 output using 9 - 74xx138 3 to 8 decoders Using one as an address bus and the last 8 for outputting. Now I just need to research latching the outputs. I think maybe a D-latch flip-flop (if that sounds right) is the way to go. Again thanks for the brain fuel. Scott
  5. Hello I am looking to make an exterior light remote control so my wife can turn on some exterior lights when she drives up the driveway, maybe 200 foot distance. (We live in rural area and she gets nervous) I am not sure what way is best. From what I have read through these forums, IR seems to be limited in distance and obviously line of sight, but easier to implement. RF seems to be longer range but more involved. I am willing to take on either way if I can get some opinion on what method to use. Thanks Scott
  6. Thanks very much for the information. Yeah I will definatley want to eat this elephant one bite at a time. But I am hoping one way to learn electronics is find a need and find a way to fullfill it. Again thanks I will research those chips and site. Scott
  7. I am new to electronics but understand many principles. Very fascinating stuff. In my mind I would think it possible to control up to 256 outputs from an 8 bit input such as a parallel port controlling home automation relays/devices. I will not need all the outputs but would like to learn how to create such a project. Could someone help me with the basics and logic and get me pointed in the right direction of thinking here. Thanks very much. Scott
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